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Behind the Headlines - 08/30/12 College Dilemma
08/30/12 College Dilemma

College has gotten ridiculously expensive as most parents already know.  State universities can cost a lot.

The price of a single year at some private colleges can nearly equal the median income of a family of four.  And there doesn't seem to be any relief anytime soon.

Students in California face a new dilemma.  The state has informed its college system that no school will be permitted to accept in-state graduate students starting in 2013.

California has a budget deficit of more than $16 billion. The state university system took a budget cut like everyone else.  To make up for it, the state will not consider applications from in-state grad students.  It wants out-of-state students who pay higher tuition.

I wonder if there's an exemption for illegal aliens who get to pay in-state rates.

Imagine the frustration of being a California taxpayer and you or your child cannot attend your own state's schools.

But don't think California is finally getting its finances squared away.  In July, the California Assembly approved initial construction on a bullet train project expected to cost at least $68 billion.08/30/12 College Dilemma


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