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Behind the Headlines - 08/30/12 Romney Needs To Lead
08/30/12 Romney Needs To Lead

Romney Campaign Senior Adviser Ed Gillespie said that the president's criticisms of Romney were just a distraction from the real issues.  Ed is absolutely right about Obama in this sense.

However, Team Romney also needs to realize that they should be the better campaign in this instance by focusing more on Romney's positive record rather than saying that Obama is a job outsourcer and a socialist.  I understand the need to fight fire with fire, but there comes a point where constant negative attacks do not make a campaign look good.

The Romney campaign needs to break the tradition of political mudslinging and start showing the American people how a president should lead and conduct themselves.

It is in the hands of "We the People" to examine the content of the words of all political candidates and determine when hypocrisy is being espoused.

Most political campaign advertisements are geared towards a seventh-grade education level while most major political speeches are written for a ninth grade level.

Do not take the words and messages of political candidates, no matter how simple they seem, at face value.  More often than not the context of the message will be something completely different, only to take advantage of the unsuspecting citizen.
08/30/12 Romney Needs To Lead


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