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Behind the Headlines - 09/27/12 The Birds & The Bees
09/27/12 The Birds & The Bees

*Editor's note: Some viewers have written with the mistaken belief Mark Hyman is calling for censorship. Nothing is further from the truth.  Watch the video again.  He questions why libraries would stock this book in the children's section "without warning parents."  It is not unreasonable to expect material (e.g. books, DVDs)  in the children's section to not be graphic. Parents should have the right to make the decision on what their children read or watch.  At least warn parents if there is a book (or DVD or other material) that is graphic. Watch the video again and listen to what he actually says.

You want to preserve your child's innocence for as long as possible.  No violent video games. Or adult-themed TV shows. Or movies. You monitor the Internet. And scrutinize music lyrics.

One day you visit the children's section at your public library. Your child checks out a couple of books including "My Mom's Having a Baby!" [by Dori Hillestad Butler].  And it shocks you.

Its drawings include anatomically correct body parts.

And it describes in great detail exactly what daddy did to make mommy pregnant.

Really? Is this the best we can do? With thousands of children's books why does a library find it necessary to make this book available for young children without warning parents?

You might expect this in San Francisco, New York, L.A. or Chicago.

But according to online catalogs, this book is in the children's section of libraries across America including Albany; Asheville[, NC]; Austin; Baltimore; Cedar Rapids; Champaign[, IL]; Charleston[, WV]; Chattanooga; Columbus[, OH]; Dayton; Kalamazoo; Lansing; Medford[, OR]; Nashville; Oklahoma City; Pensacola; Portland[, ME]; Salt Lake City; San Antonio; and Springfield, Illinois.

Do me a favor. Go to our website and send me an email telling me what your librarian says when you ask why this book is in their children's section.09/27/12 The Birds & The Bees


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