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Behind the Headlines - 10/11/12 Sacrificing Truth
10/11/12 Sacrificing Truth

It's long been practiced that American politics stop at the water'€™s edge.  We stand united on foreign policy.  In return, we expect the president to act in our nation'€™s best interest.  And to tell us the unvarnished truth.

But now we learn President Obama has failed to keep his part of the bargain. 

Evidence has emerged our foreign policy interests were shortchanged.  Four American lives were literally sacrificed.  And we were lied to.

When Obama ran for the White House he made the boast that Muslim hostility toward the U.S. would end when he became president. 

“I truly believe that the day I am inaugurated that not only does the country look at itself differently but the world looks at America differently.” [Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) speaking to New Hampshire Public Radio on November 21, 2007. Obama's entire statement on this topic can be found here.]

His ill-conceived Muslim world apology tour (here, here, here & here) didn’t work.  To avoid sending more detainees to Gitmo he takes a different approach. He kills suspected terrorists in drone strikes.  He personally approves the target list.

To continue the farce that his policies are loved abroad Obama’s Administration refused to provide necessary security to a diplomatic outpost in Libya.  With tragic results.

[According to the Pew Research Center, Muslim attitudes toward the U.S., the West and Christians are no better today than during the presidency of George W. Bush.]

Obama placed blame on an Egyptian immigrant and his shoddy YouTube video.

But we now know the truth.  Obama swapped American security for political points.

10/11/12 Sacrificing Truth


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