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Behind the Headlines - 01/31/13 2013: An Odd Year
01/31/13 2013: An Odd Year

January is now over and I wonder: can 2013 get any stranger?

Al Gore made millions preaching man-made global warming.  He's anti-big oil.  He wouldn't take oil company ads on his cable channel. Then he sold Current TV to one of the largest private owners of oil worldwide.  Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa also owns Al Jazeera TV.

Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania school officials expelled a 5-year old from kindergarten after an official overheard the girl tell another student she would shoot her with her pink Hello Kitty toy that shoots soapy bubbles.

TSA will probably place her on their no-fly list.

Speaking of which, there was a time when organizations offering travel tips would warn of which foods to avoid and what sites to see.  Now, they give advice on how to avoid being robbed by TSA screeners.

When a grown man writes dozens of letters to someone he doesn't know it's considered strange, weird, odd.  When he writes 1,460 letters to Barack Obama - one for every single day of his entire first term - it's called disturbing.  But at CNN they call him: reporterTom Foreman is Obama's love-struck pen-pal.  CNN apparently didn't find there to be conflict of interest in having Foreman cover the 2012 election.01/31/13 2013: An Odd Year


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