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Behind the Headlines - 02/21/13 The Sequester
02/21/13 The Sequester

It was created in the heavens.

Carved on a stone tablet.

And delivered at the foot of man.

At least, that's how Washington describes the sequester.
Here's the truth.  Instead of fixing DC's spending problem back in 2011, Washington kicked the can down the road.

We'll cut spending later.  If not, then a sequester -- an across the board spending cut -- will take place.

Later has arrived.  There have been no cuts.  Sequester is to occur on March 1st.

There's no surprise.  House and Senate Republicans and Democrats passed the Budget Control Act. And the President signed it into law.

At last week's State of the Union address Obama acted as if someone chucked a sequester over the White House fence.  The sequester is his deal.  He negotiated it.

Barack Obama, Senate President Harry Reid and House Speaker John Boehner own this.

If one guy deserves the most blame.  It's Boehner.  All spending bills originate in the House.  He was the first, last and only line of defense.

He chose to be a part of this three-clown circus.

[John Boehner cannot be counted on to stand firm and oppose Washington's addiction to over-spending.  Instead he will buckle as he has done so many times in the past and he will agree to continue government over-spending that will drive America even deeper into debt.]

And now Washington is wailing over the evil sequester.  Here are the numbers.

The U.S. will receive about 2.7 trillion dollars in revenue. And will spend about 3.8 trillion. The sequester will cut a mere $85 billion. Just over 2% of this year's spending.

America deserves better.02/21/13 The Sequester


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