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Behind the Headlines - 07/14/11 Character Counts
07/14/11 Character Counts

My parents set an example that showed my siblings and I the benefits of personal accountability and character. It is character that ultimately determines the fate and success of us all.

There is an absolute lower class culture sweeping our nation. The victimization values of this culture create behavior that makes these people stay poor.  It is neither prejudiced nor condescending to call them lower class. Their culture is antithetical to creating wealth and accomplishment, it doesn't make accountability a priority.  The victims are discouraged from self improvement and the result is crime, especially theft, and welfare dependence.

The vast majority of positive accomplishments from this culture revolve around sports and entertainment, especially popular music.  Unfortunately even the popular music extols the negative aspects of this culture.

Lower class value systems do not believe in sacrificing today to benefit tomorrow.  There is a conflict between delayed gratification and the high of fulfilling fleeting desires.  Prudence, patience, and planning are not lauded at all and yet these are the very facets of character that foster growth, accomplishment, and excellence.

If you choose to call my comments condescending you are falling into the middle class trap of making excuses to avoid criticism from the liberal establishment that uses the lower class as a power base and a podium for its own agenda.07/14/11 Character Counts


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