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Behind the Headlines - 08/18/11 Throw the Bums Out
08/18/11 Throw the Bums Out

A small minority in Washington wants government to live within its means.  Opposing them are Democrats and Republicans who engage in out-of-control spending.  Dump the debt onto our grandchildren!

Remember the Ryan Plan from earlier this year?  It was called "extreme."  Under that plan, our national budget wouldn't come into balance -- until after 10 Olympics have come and gone [and probably much closer to 15 Olympics having passed].  That's extreme?

Under the just-completed debt deal our budget gets balanced: NEVER! A majority of Democrats and Republicans continue the spending party.  Why not?  Six-year olds can't vote but, they'll inherit the debt.

The White House says tax billionaires and millionaires more.  Listen carefully.  If every single person in America earning $175,000 or more was taxed at 100% -- that is, the IRS took every single penny they earned -- it would raise about $4 trillion.   Just enough to cover this year's spending. But Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid would continue toward bankruptcy.

The system is broken.  51% of Americans have no federal income tax liability.  They pay nothing.  Some of them get Earned Income Tax Credits -- money from the IRS they never even paid into the system.  For them, April 15th is pay day.

We fought a Cold War to prevent another nation from doing this to us.  We've done it to ourselves.

It's time to throw out all the bums.08/18/11 Throw the Bums Out


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