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Behind the Headlines - 11/10/11 Herman Cain Threat to Liberalism
11/10/11 Herman Cain Threat to Liberalism

Herman Cain represents something that has been severely lacking in political leadership, and that is common sense.

Many politicians appear to have some when they first go to Washington and then rapidly lose it due to the influence of special interest groups, including organized political parties. If Mr. Cain can resist contamination by traditional Washington influences, he may prove to be just what our nation needs for restoration to greatness.

The Liberals must be twisting in the wind at the thought that the "racist" Republicans, including the Tea Party out of which Mr. Cain sprung are endorsing a black man.

If Mr. Cain becomes the nominee and chooses Mark Rubio as his VP the left wing will be in a severe quandary. A large component of what the left has always considered to be an unshakable voting base could abandon them. At which time they will have to produce real and substantive policies and not emotional rhetoric.

11/10/11 Herman Cain Threat to Liberalism


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