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Behind the Headlines - 01/05/12 Political Race-Baiting
01/05/12 Political Race-Baiting

To understand the cause of the black community's prejudiced views towards conservatives one must understand the exploitation and race-baiting amongst the far-left.

Following the devastating periods of slavery and segregation in America, many black Americans were left emotionally and mentally scarred. Many on the far-left saw the open wound of the emotional hurt as an opportunity to add new pawns to their chessboard.

Emotional vulnerability is also what's allowing the Liberals to incite socialist movements such as Occupy Wall St. Segregation and racism is debilitating much in the same way that losing employment and the ability to provide for your family can also damage one's self worth.

That pain and strife is enough to be exploited at the voting booths and affects people of all colors, races, and creeds. It is important that we use our minds to their fullest extent when considering the future of this great country of ours and not allow the vulnerability of emotions to be exploited for the gains of others.01/05/12 Political Race-Baiting


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