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Behind the Headlines - 01/19/12 The New Economy
01/19/12 The New Economy

To truly thrive in this new world economy, we must create products, services, and goods that can be spread across the globe. If it's not a new engineering marvel, then so be it. But it needs to be something the world will want.

To think otherwise and so small is to limit yourself to the four walls that have defined our economic growth for the past 50 years. If history has taught us anything, it's that consumer spending and even leading indicators such as "new home construction" may not be the healthiest and most reliable harbingers of the recovery we all want and long for.

Are policymakers trying to jump-start the wrong engines of future, 21st Century growth? Are better roads and bridges to the grocery or laundromat really the beginning of a humming new class of business moguls?

It's time to rethink the key drivers and indicators of a stalled American economy.01/19/12 The New Economy


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