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Behind the Headlines - 02/23/12 Contraceptive Controversy
02/23/12 Contraceptive Controversy

The President's Obama Care compromise is that Catholic charities don't have to offer contraceptives to its employees through their mandatory health care insurance policies.  Instead their insurance companies must provide employees the contraceptives for free.  This is not a compromise but a slight of hand.

Who does the administration think is going to pay for these contraceptives?  If they think the insurance company out of the goodness of its heart will pay for these contraceptives out of profits, they are gravely mistaken.

Instead, when the insurance company quotes a Catholic charity a health Insurance policy that excludes free contraceptives, they will knowingly price it at the same rate as that of an institution that must provide contraceptives to its employees.

If they are prohibited from charging the Catholic charities the same rate as other institutions and must charge a lower rate, then the insurance companies will pass the costs on to all the non Catholic charities policy holders.  That means the rest of America must subsidize contraceptives for the workers of Catholic charities.02/23/12 Contraceptive Controversy


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