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Behind the Headlines - 03/22/12 Conservatives Lose Focus
03/22/12 Conservatives Lose Focus

The problem with George W. Bush was not that he was conservative, but that he was not conservative enough-he hurt the credibility of the GOP by bloating the government further, and not just the military and the Department of Homeland Security, but, in his "compassionate" conservatism, blowing money on domestic spending as well.

If the Republicans stick to constitutional and classical liberal principles, they win elections. They got drunk with power after Gingrich took over in 1994, and didn't deliver on their promises. Since then, they have collectively failed to practice what they preach.

The worst of their transgressions was the Medicare Part D entitlement that now-Speaker Boehner and President Bush added, worth around 13 trillion in unfunded dollars, hoping to bribe their way to a permanent majority. This is what we complain about the liberals doing.
03/22/12 Conservatives Lose Focus


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