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Behind the Headlines - 04/05/12 Tax and Spend
04/05/12 Tax and Spend

Democrats are, and have always been, getting their way on taxing and spending. If you need proof of that: government spending went up in 2011, despite the debt ceiling showdown over the summer and at least three separate potential government shutdowns.

In fact, that is the reason-not obstinacy, not partisanship, not racism-that House Republicans and current Republican presidential candidates cite for their hesitancy to compromise. We have fallen for "compromises" before.               Reagan and the Democrats had several "grand bargains," and-to no ones surprise-Reagan never got the spending cuts that he was promised. A quarter of a century later, Democrats on the super committee wanted trillions in new taxes, and called this a compromise.

The taxes are always immediate; the spending cuts always come after the election, and then are repealed by the next Congress before they can even happen.04/05/12 Tax and Spend


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