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Behind the Headlines - 04/19/12 Obama and the Limelight
04/19/12 Obama and the Limelight

Great leaders have both the vision and the ability to motivate themselves and others to achieve difficult tasks. President Obama, on the other hand, won't stop talking, putting in more media time than any president in history, giving speech after speech and interview after interview, perhaps trying simply to wear down the American people, particularly those in swing states, into agreeing with him against their better instincts.

When they do not buy what he is selling, he says that he hasn't done enough to sell it to them-quite the opposite of the problem.

Lincoln was not a great leader because he was a great speaker, or because he was a great retail politician; he was a great leader because of his unwavering commitment to the right ideas. Let us demand a candidate, not with the audacity of hope, but the courage of truth.04/19/12 Obama and the Limelight


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