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Behind the Headlines - 04/26/12 Outrageous Spending
04/26/12 Outrageous Spending

Nevada's Clark County is like so many other state and local governments.  They've been irresponsible with the taxpayers' money.  Now, they're facing a spending crisis.

The school district may have to cut more than 1,400 positions for next year -- including 1,000 teachers.  But officials in Clark County -- home to Las Vegas -- can only blame themselves for getting into this mess.

Because of punishing collective bargaining agreements and lack of oversight, county officials have totally lost control of spending.

We examined just three government professions and how much they were paid in salary and benefits last year.  These were: prosecutors, Justices of the Peace, and fire fighters.

Dozens of prosecutors received more than $100,000; five made more than a quarter of a million dollars; and one made nearly $500,000.

Justices of the Peace had similar salaries.  Twenty-three were paid more than $100,000; eight were paid were more than a quarter of million dollars; and one received more than $300,000.

And by scheduling sick days months in advance, fire fighters milked overtime and call-backs boosting salaries to ridiculous levels.

More than 800 received $100,000; 200 got more than $200,000 and 41 were paid $250,000 or more.

Fortunately, this can be turned around in Clark County. 

And everywhere else. 

On Election Day.04/26/12 Outrageous Spending


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