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Behind the Headlines - 05/10/12 Race Plays a Role in Judgment
05/10/12 Race Plays a Role in Judgment

Many American blacks feel the long history of racial injustice in this nation entitles many of them to the benefit of the doubt in any racially charged case.   This is unfortunately the same mentality that causes them to excuse all of president obama's failings, simply because he is black.

It is not difficult to understand this mentality and it probably will be manifested in any group regardless of their ethnic background, if in fact there ancestors had been the victims, and in some cases, continue to be victims of societal injustice.

This makes it fairly easy for the average person to understand why there was a rush to judgement amongst many american blacks in favor of OJ Simpson and against George Zimmerman.  Remember OJ Simpson was accused of killing Nicole and Ron.

Despite all the evidence that supported the fact that simpson committed the crimes, many blacks dismissed the evidence and desperately wanted him to be found not guilty.  Again, regardless of the evidence that is presented that might lead to the acquittal of George Zimmerman many blacks are unwilling to even entertain the thought of him being found not guilty.

 Will there come a time when much of the african american community can put behind the history of negativity and moves toward a vision that is positive for themselves and ultimately the nation?05/10/12 Race Plays a Role in Judgment


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