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Behind the Headlines - 07/19/12 Obama's Record
07/19/12 Obama's Record

What has President Obama achieved once he was elected to any political office?  He was elected president of the harvard law review, but never authored a law review article.  He was elected to the Illinois State Senate and voted not present more than he voted.  His name was not associated with any legislation during his short tenure.

He was elected to the United States Senate of Illinois and served two years.  During that tenure he spent more time running for the presidency than serving the people of Illinois in the U.S. Senate.  As our commander and chief he has one notable accomplishment, he pulled the trigger on Osama bin Laden.  He has left a questionable legacy related to the economy, resulting in an anemic growth and high unemployment.

He has disrupted American health care with an unconstitutional affordable care enacted law.  He has over regulated the financial sector and placed america's financial sector at a global disadvantage.  His financial stewardship of the governments finances will leave our descendents with an unconscionable amount of debt.

He has created the most divisive political schisms in america since the civil war, in his pursual of class warfare.

Did I overlook something? 07/19/12 Obama's Record


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