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Behind the Headlines - 07/26/12 Runaway Agency
07/26/12 Runaway Agency

Since it began ten years ago, the 65,000 employees of the Transportation Security Administration have not caught one terrorist.  Not one.  Ever.

Though more than 25,000 security breaches have occurred on its watch.

However TSA agents have stolen passengers' valuables, committed rape, groped women, humiliated breast cancer survivors, strip-searched infants, bullied the elderly, fondled genitals, harassed breast-feeding mothers, made fun of the disabled, and disassembled prosthetic devices on wounded military.

They've made flying America's worst travel experience.

Then there are real potential threats.  In 2010, TSA and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency allowed 25 illegal aliens to take lessons at a commercial flight school.  Just like the 9/11 hijackers did.  And the flight school is owned by an illegal alien.  [See GAO Report 12-875  here.]

Perhaps the original intention of TSA was to secure airline travel.  But this is no longer the case.

TSA has implemented "obedience training" demanding passengers to stop when they yell "freeze."  Legally, they can't do this as they are not federal law enforcement officers and have no legal authority to detain or arrest anyone. They have no more authority over passengers than the mailman.

Today, the TSA is beginning to resemble the internal security forces hated by citizens in oppressed countries.

TSA is an agency out of control.

07/26/12 Runaway Agency


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