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Behind the Headlines - 08/09/12 Drought Lessons
08/09/12 Drought Lessons

The extreme heat conditions that more than half our country is facing right now has led to a drought.  However, droughts are not a new phenomenon. In the 1930s, we experienced a devastating 10-year drought through the dust bowl.  Conditions of drought and flooding are cyclical and have occurred since records were kept on stone tablets. Interestingly enough in the 1930s our country was also in the midst of one of the worst economic droughts of all time during the Great Depression.  However, we also have to realize that our economy is cyclical as well- we go through periods of inflation and deflation, growth and recession, and boom and bust.
There is no reason to expect anything different today, as we experience not only a drought from these extremely high temperatures but also one of the worst economic droughts since the Great Depression. What we must do as wise stewards to stay ahead of the cyclical bell curve is learn how to take advantage of the good times and conserve those products that will sustain us during the difficult times.  Nature teaches us that being wasteful has its own set of severe consequences whether it's with natural resources or with financial instruments.  It is these lessons from nature that will keep us ahead of the bell curve and successful in this country, not the government that will only emphasize the status quo and following the bell curve where it may lead- even if it leads to economic destruction.08/09/12 Drought Lessons


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