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Caught on Video! Garbageman loses his mind

Wisconsin taxpayers foot the bill for $5,000 in bureaucrats Netflix subscriptions

Europe was focusing on 'green energy' instead of watching Putin

NYT Reporter: Obama Admin worst threat to press freedom

Candidate for GOP nomination for Calif governor is registered sex offender

Nut-jobs at Mother Jones magazine blame man-made global warming for missing airliner

TSA confiscates perfume bottle that 'could' be mistaken for a grenade

Washington Post publishes false story about Koch brothers

Massachusetts judge awards custody of 15-year old to state over decisions on medical care

California gun control advocate arrested in gun trafficking case

North Korea mandates all men should have haircut like Kim Jong-un

Prominent Democrat politician at center of kiddie porn case

Baltimore IT head placed on leave over phantom payments investigation

The most awesome 'selfie' of all time?

Cuyahoga (OH) County Executive and Democratic gubernatorial candidate uses county IG for campaign activities

Obama eliminates two of the most successful & cost-effective Navy weapons programs

US labor force participation rate has falled behind UK for first time in decades

Employee union wants 65,000-member TSA to get even bigger -- and armed

Two-thirds of Americans fear flying -- now they can fear TSA's canines

Feds asked to investigate possible corruption in Hawaii's failed healthcare exchange

Do groups like this laugh when they cash their donors' checks?

Former Illinois judge gets 2-year sentence for drug charge

Pelosi gets award fro group whose founder was a racist, anti-Semite

Anti-gun, liberal radio host says he wants to shoot NRA board member

Obama admits he had a failed Syria policy

Another man-made global warming cheerleader wants to punish skeptics (who deal in reality)

White House wants to regulate cow flatulence. For real.

Store chain closing down blames ObamaCare and minimum wage hike

77,000 empty federal buildings cost taxpayers at least one billion dollars annually

Wait until CNN and MSNBC are one and the same

Holder testifies he 'only' took 27 personal flights on government-owned aircraft

Screener ignorant of TSA rules denies disabled woman access to her flight

Charlotte mayor arrested on corruption & bribery charges

Rampant voter fraud uncovered in North Carolina

Chicago murder rate plummets after concealed carry went into effect

HHS initiated ObamaCare enrollment applications on individuals without their knowledge

72 giant flat panel TVs disappeared from Democrat National Convention

80% of Twitter 'faith' followers for Hillary campaign are fake

$6 billion in State Dept funds are missing during Hillary tenure

ATF agent accuses federal prosecutors of lying in Reno case

Toomey pushing legislation requiring regular background checks on all school employees

Fed judge rejects amicus curiae brief by 5 Democrat and Republican attorneys-general in McDonnell trial

TSA humiliating another stroke victim

ATF agents convince low IQ man to get a taxpayer-funded tattoo on his neck

Sebelius resigns as HHS secretary

Seymour Hersh: Obama's 'rat line'

2008 'Obama girl' turns on Obama

Emails reveal Congressman Cummings embroiled in IRS targeting scandal


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