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Federal 'employee of the year' accused of mail theft

Check-in with the woman in 2008 who said Obama would take care of her gas & mortgage

Feds propose opening luxury resort for illegal alien minors

UN launches genocidal land grabs to battle man-made global warming

The link between Lois Lerner and Barack Obama?

Obama Admin sells $11 billion of advanced weapons to Qatar

Obama Admin's secret 'Cuban Twitter' program

Complaints increase dramatically after new Pentagon whistleblower law went into effect

Judge: LA's parking ticket review process improper

Two-thirds of illegal alien minors approved for asylum

Drunk-driving judge pleads for special treatment

Judge blasts ATF for entrapment case against man with no criminal history

Huh? Judge rules a Congressional district redrawn to favor GOP -- but voters elected a black Democrat

Obama's 'Dream Act' has encouraged countless minors to board 'The Beast' death train

San Francisco wants to accept blood donations from high-risk donors

Questions raised in nearly two-year old investigation of Petraeus

Did potheads and dopers write this article at Rolling Stone magazine?

Judge rules for $23.6 billion fine in tobacco case

Disposable income with vs without government handouts

Trend: another week of crises and Obama spends the weekend playing golf

A 1906 school textbook on race

UN agency hands rockets back to Hamas

Mosque leader attempts to cut-off hand of suspected thief -- in Philadelphia!

NY Times blames Bush for Clinton law supported and amended by Biden

On open mic Kerry caught mocking Israel

It's ratings are down because mindless MSNBC viewers stop drinking Kool-Aid on breaking news days

Hubris:White House criticizes anonymous sources the same day White House officials spoke to press as anonymous sources

Takes man 3 months to cancel ObamaCare policy

Governor misspells Minnesota as 'Minnesta'

Must see: Ninja schoolgirls

Political correctness seeping into NFL Hall of Fame considerations

Missing emails may be on recently discovered back-up tapes the IRS claimed didn't exist

Yesterday's 'reds' are today's 'greens'

Biden makes demonstrably false claim about jobs growth

Another taxpayer-funded organization teaching underage teen girls about extreme sexual practices

FCC commissioner wants to rein in free 'Obamaphone' service

MSNBC: 'Keep it right here on Morning Jew'

IRS official referred to Republicans and conservatives as 'assholes' and 'teRrorists'

The laziest of plagiarists apparently lift items from Wikipedia

Record low temps must frustrate man-made global warming cheerleaders

Homeland Security sends six-vehicle raid to home to confiscate a single-car with questionable VIN

What a really strange week!

Liberal website eagerly publishes absurd hoax because it satirized Sarah Palin

Feds house illegal aliens in 'suites' with flat-panel TVs

Another day. Another CNN embarrassment.

California insurance commissioner admits premiums cost as much 88% more under ObamaCare

Dem representative co-sponsored impeach Bush bill she now claims did not exist

Chicago Imam preaches jihad

Amazon tribe's 'first contact' with outside world

Suspected killer of USC student in US illegally

Why did a 6-vehicle convoy of armed federal agents raid the home of Bill & Jennifer Brinkley?

U.S. is one of the biggest financial backers of Hamas

$619 billion missing from federal transparency website

Alleged serial killer set to be released on parole

NJ cop: If Obama doesn't have to follow the Constitution than neither do police officers

Biden doesn't realize 'Africa' is a continent and not a nation

Why college is so expensive -- quarter million dollar salary to teach one course

Left-leaning reporters and liberal groups coordinating news coverage

Patent Office pays employees to watch TV and walk dogs

Woman sneaks past TSA and boards plane without a ticket

IG: 200,000 weapons missing in Afghanistan

Judge rules NCAA committing anti-trust violation in O'Bannon case

Federal judge arrested for assualting wife

Mississippi judge picks foster parents over grandparents to care for two boys

Judge rules Nebraska man's texts to ex-girlfriend distrubed the peace

'Dead broke' Clintons spend $100,000 for 3-week vacation rental

CNN believes Hong Kong is located in South America

Angry reaction as town renames Kennedy building after Obama

Obama's home state governor loses primary after POTUS endorsement

DC news crew robbed while reporting on 'sketchy' neighborhoods

TSA destroys New Zealand cricketer's bat looking for drugs

FBI awards $500 million no-bid contract

Government credit card abuse PSA

Former California GOP gubernatorial candidate arrested for shooting at neighbor

Another racist progressive website

Reason #47 to not like Government Motors

Head of teacher union's wild rant in support of Common Core

Man-made global warmists who claim to predict 100 years in advance got this summer's forecast wrong

Senior TSA inspector arrested in child-sex sting

Inspector Generals allege Obama Admin obstructs investigations

Nevada family gets $1.2 million hospital bill over ObamaCare typo

'Klingon' runs for US Senate in North Carolina

Study: 2 million forced into retirement since 2009

Progressives were 18 of top 20 political donors in 2012; Koch brothers at #36

School suspends 4th-grader for bringing 'weapon' to school

Surveillance court judge blasts NSA 'overcollection' of private data

Texas judge orders removal of You Tube video documenting foster care abuse

7-year old jihadi holds up severed head of Syrian

Corruption allegations at the FCC

Nation's most lenient federal judges to begin hearing fast-track immigration

1,000 Texas National Guard to patrol Mexico border

Study: you have 'near-zero' impact on US policy

Washington Post column grossly misstates facts

During most unstable and dangerous time in years, Kerry goes on man-made global warming junket

Feminists pushing for taxpayer-subsidized tampons

Obama's "no-boots-on-the-ground" boots on the ground policy

The reality that is making the man-made global warming cheerleaders' lies difficult to tell

HHS official directed employee to 'delete this email' in violation of federal law

Government employees union says joining ObamaCare could 'hurt' its members

Theme park denies admission to veteran wearing Marine t-shirt

Judge doesn't accept implausible reason given by IRS for 'lost' Lerner emails

Fun fact: It only took Obama 7 min to get from Ferguson statement to golf course

Kerry calls man-made global warming the biggest challenge of our day

Study: 'Cash for Clunkers' actually hurt, not helped auto industry

Autopsy: Brown shot 6 times in front

Huffington Post reporter calls earplugs 'rubber bullets'

Has the New York Times fallen out of love with Obama?

Man-made global warming cheerleaders in panic mode: Antarctic sea ice sets new record

The 10 most dangerous cities in America

Obama's 'J.V. team' executes 700 Syrians

College academics defend professor who attacked and battered a minor-aged child

French-convict George Soros funded group behind Gov Perry indictment

Another day & more bad news for man-made global warming cheerleaders

Member of national mayors against guns group charged with bribery

How to prevent the next Ferguson, Missouri tragedy

TSA now admits allowing illegal aliens to fly without proper ID

Study: Guess what? Full-body scanners didn't work as advertised

Ferguson x 10

This is not The Onion: Solar plant wants to use natural gas to help it generate energy

Man claims he will live on an iceberg for one year to draw attention to man-made global warming

Antarctic sea ice has been above average for 1000 straight days

Obama released from US custody in 2009 the man who now heads up ISIS

How ObamaCare is hurting public education

T-shirt of the year

Chicago Cubs lose baseball game due to ObamaCare?

IRS put millions of taxpayers at risk for identity fraud

Maryland official fired for nearly $800,000 conflict-of-interest expenditure; state protects identity

GAO: Obama's Bergdahl-terrorist swap 'illegal'

Top psychiatrist: transgenderism is a mental disorder

15,000 duplicate voters to remain on Virginia voting rolls

Union headquarters uses non-union workers to erect new building

Ferguson protesters launch rant against Jesse Jackson

Georgia judges threaten to jail county officials who won't reimburse the judges' undocumented expenses

Feds warn of imminent attack coming from Obama's open border policy

Small minds and their man-made global warming agenda

DOJ gives Bank of America settlement money to liberal groups with White House ties

Will the fake Native American now claim she's Jewish?

Is the Cloward-Piven strategy a reality?

Ten federal agencies sued over White House obstruction of FOIA requests

Authorities turn blind eye to 1400 reported cases of child sexual assaults by Muslims in English town

Federal court rules ban on polygamy unconstitutional

Fewer students buying Michelle Obama's school lunches

Jimmy Carter headlines Hamas front group fundraiser

A majority of federal IGs are complaining about Obama Admin obstruction

Planned Parenthood fraud case to go forward

Attorneys ask for $1.1 million in fees in contravention of federal law

Court: male officers may videotape female inmates being strip-searched but must avert gaze

Federal judge rules minimum-acceptable medical standards for Texas abortion clinics is unconstitutional

Obama blames concern over growing world crises on social media

Donors offer money to have Harry Reid's name REMOVED from building at his alma mater

Five Miami-area police cars race through city with lights on while heading to breakfast

Another example of government being too big with too many employees and having too much money to spend

Obama blames immigrant children for opposition to his amnesty plan

Man-made global warming has jumped the shark

Obama blames media for the 'optics' of him playing golf after US journalist is beheaded

IRS claims emails of 5 more employees embroiled in corruption scandal 'lost'

US judge who allegedly beat his wife to escape prosecution in deal with prosecutors

Judge arrives at work drunk after urinating in the street

NOAA: 246 record low temps in US Sep 1-Sep 10

LGBT activist honors Palestine where homosexuality is a sin

TSA agents demands to pat-down passenger upon leaving airport after flight completed


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